Susan Ioannou

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Susan Ioannou reads from her poetry collection, Looking Through Stone

Published by: Your Scrivener Press

Time of Reading: 6:00
Susan Ioannou first became interested in geology as a theme while her son was completing a PhD. Exploring the science of rocks and minerals from a poet’s perspective was a fascinating and refreshing change from writing personal lyrics. Her previous collections include Clarity Between Clouds, Where the Light Waits, and Coming Home. As well, she authored the children’s novel A Real Farm Girl and the handbook A Magical Clockwork: The Art of Writing the Poem. Her many short stories and articles have appeared across Canada. She is a past Associate Editor of Cross-Canada Writers’ Quarterly/Magazine.
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"[Susan Ioannou's] poems give the impression of growing, line by line, as crystal structures might, into networks of shining lattices. Her whole book has an overall architecture, into which individual poems fit. The episodic and lyrical sparkle as part of an extended and thoughtful treatment of the poetics of geology.”
—Roger Nash, former President of the League of Canadian Poets
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