Dani Couture

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Dani Couture reads from her poetry collection, Good Meat

Published by: Pedlar Press

Time of Reading: 5:37
Toronto writer Dani Couture is the new volunteer coordinator for the Scream Literary Festival, co-founder of the Patchy Squirrel lit-serv, co-editor of Northern Poetry Review and a regular contributor to Word: Canada's Magazine for Readers and Writers. Her work has been published in the Globe and Mail, the Fiddlehead, Arc, The Danforth Review, Taddle Creek, Qwerty, the Nashwaak Review, Northern Poetry Review, the Windsor Review, Red Light: Superheroes, Sluts and Saints (Arsenal Pulp Press), Canadian Poems for Canadian Kids (Subway Books), and the Lambda Award-winning anthology I Do / I Don't: Queers on Marriage (Suspect Thoughts Press). Pedlar Press published Dani's first book of poems, Good Meat, in 2006.
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"Dani Couture ... is a master of taut writing, and her first book, Good Meat, is a feast of concise moments. As the title suggests, these juicy poems are about food and flesh — they include a sly critique of resort culture, a woman sexier than pork chops and travel stories to make you retch. Thankfully, Couture is unafraid of experimenting. She explores the personal, but also gazes outward to the fictional, using a variety of lyrical and prose poems. Her imagery is striking and smart … only Couture could pen a poem called 'o e.coli' and have it expand in readers' minds with an absurd and painful beauty."
—sandra alland, xtra!
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