All too real

I sat down with poet Darrell Epp a little while ago to record his reading and insight for AuthorsAloud. Darrell’s young, but he’s been working on his art for some time, and getting published widely, and recently Signature Editions collected his work in a volume called Imaginary Maps. As a setting for the reading, Darrell chose the coffee area in the local Fortino’s grocery store. It wasn’t the quietest venue, but it was handy to him, and seemed to suit his utterly guileless and unaffected manner. When you listen to the recordings here, you’ll see what I mean. After the readings, we chatted for a while and Darrell told me something of his recent experiences in South Africa. They’re not for me to share here, but they clearly have stayed with him. I do hope one day we get to hear some of them, filtered through his poems.

Let me take this opportunity as well to alert you to a new reading from Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer, here. Kathryn was one of the early believers in AuthorsAloud, and we’re thrilled to be able to feature a reading from her latest novel, Perfecting.
— TC
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