A tart slice of Strube

The latest contribution to AuthorsAloud is one of the best. Cordelia Strube has been writing acerbic satire for years — fifteen, as she explains in her reading — and her newest novel, the appropriately titled Lemon, is hitting some nerves. It features a smart, sardonic sixteen-year-old with a particularly bleak view of the world (a view that by now we should be calling "Strubian"). Strube has been touring with it across the country, getting some nice reviews, and in its December issue, Chatelaine magazine called it the "sleeper Can-lit hit."

But what's great for AuthorsAloud visitors is that Strube sat down with her voice recorder in a quiet room and really nailed the reading. She's a trained actress and it shows. Then she equaled that with an intimate and off-the-cuff Insight (I always encourage authors doing Insights to wing it, not script it, and Strube shows how well this can work) in which she talks eloquently about writing with humor and writing in general. It's terrific stuff and well worth a listen. Go there now.

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